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Dreams of Flying Aren’t What They Used to Be

I dreamt last night that I could fly. When I was young, I used to regularly have flying dreams and they always made me feel good – even excited – about the coming day. I moaned for years never having these dreams any more. Their return should be a cause for celebration! You’d think. This dream was, however, a far cry from those youthful dreams. Whereas I could once soar over the trees and telephone lines and cross a city or country in the blink of an eye, my dream last night was more of a ‘levitation dream.’ And I really don’t need anyone to interpret it for me, because this dream wore it’s meaning on its sleeve. Photo from My wife, Laura and I were guests in a huge mansion. Standing at the sink in the large and very empty communal washroom in some distant wing of the building, I was thinking the floor wasn't as cold as it had been a few moments earlier and I looked down to see that I was no longer standing on it. I watched breathless in the mirror as I dr

Nina Munteanu Guest Post: The Writer-Editor Relationship

A few months ago I announced my intention to invite some guest bloggers with insights that could help people make their way through the self-publishing journey.  Nina Munteanu's ninth novel (and fourteenth book), A Diary in the Age of Water was published this past year by Inanna Publications to very good reviews.   Fourteen books! Here's someone who knows a bit about finding the right editor - Nina Munteanu. Part One: Five Things Writers Should Look for in an Editor   As indie publishing soars into new heights and successes, writers are looking more and more to freelance editors to help them create works of merit that will stand out in the market. Whether this process is seamless and productive or fraught with difficulties relies on the relationship established between editor and writer—at the outset and throughout. The writer-editor relationship—like any relationship—works best when communication between parties is transparent and clear. What ultimately drives misunders