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Outsider Books

On my bookshelves are perhaps 25 books that survived several relationships and at least five or ten moves, and are still in my possession. Some of them I have owned in several different editions and some only ever appeared in one edition. These are books that influenced me profoundly and/or impressed me mightily. (See my list at the bottom of the page) Among my most treasured books are Colin Wilson’s The Outsider and John Gardiner’s remarkable and profound short novel, Grendel – which I have always regarded as the “ultimate” outsider story. It wasn’t until I looked at all the books that were profound enough or striking enough to hook me that I recognized how important the “outsider” theme has always been to me and how much it has influenced my own writing. My novel, The Goblin’s Cloak takes the central conceit of Gardener’s Grendel – the perspective of a monster on the periphery of civilization – the ultimate outsider. It examines our society's millennial preocc

2014. Changes Are Coming.

Been a busy couple of days updating websites. I've added the newest reviews (the free story download is still there, just not as easy to find) at Psychedelia Gothique.  I've also been updating the Sculptor's Touch site in preparation for the coming updates - Laura has a new article about how to set a base on a stone sculpture; she has two new sculpture that just need a few finishing touches and I have three new ones at various points in the polishing process - so all that stuff will be ready to show the world by the end of April. And we'll be able to start carving outside this month - which means that even more new pieces will soon be ready to show the world. I've been doing more than the usual updates at Canadian Newcomer . And of course this has required updates on Facebook and here. I'm rather relieved that I've decided to let the Tumblr and Wordpress blogs lie fallow for awhile. Too much damned work for too little reward. And I haven't eve