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Memory Games - Screenplay

After Memory Games was published, I had several inquiries from people interested in adapting the story as a short film. None of these came to fruition, but I was inspired to write a screenplay myself.    MEMORY GAMES - Screenplay FADE IN: INT. UPSTAIRS BEDROOM — NIGHT CELINE faces the large mirror of an old-fashioned vanity. DANIEL embraces her from behind, kissing her neck. He opens her shirt,revealing her white bra. She watches suspiciously as he moves his hands down from her breasts to her waist, and begins unfastening her jeans.   She grabs Daniel's fingers.   CELINE Your hands are cold. DANIEL Yeah. We’d better get into bed. His silhouette is barely visible in the darkness until a glare of headlights sweeps into the bedroom from the street, catching Daniel in their photographic flash.   CU - Daniel’s face in the mirror – concentrating intensely. CELINE We should talk first. She tries to push his arm away, but he holds onto th