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Out of the Nether

Getting double-workshopped tonight. Book 1 - containing the first 6 chapters of my novel in progress, Out of the Nether...38,000 words. My regular workshop, the Cecil Street Irregulars get the first kick of the cat at 8pm. Then at 11, I go online with my friend John's screenwriting workshop in California...and they get to have at it.
By November they will get hit by another 20,00 words...and I'm aiming for another 20k by Christmas. I'll beat them down through sheer exhaustion if nothing else.
If you'd like to critique along with the workshopping's Book 1, Chapter 1. I'll put up a link to the rest of book one after I've had a chance to digest the workshop comments and make necessary changes.

POST-WORKSHOP REFLECTIONS: Ironically this chapter I have posted is the one most likely to undergo major revisions in the next draft. 6 chapters were submitted to the workshops. Chapter 6 was the least polished. There were scenes missing and frankly, I knew i…

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