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Fourth Person Singular

Fourth Person Singular "And he is the mad eye of the fourth person singular          of which nobody speaks          and he is the voice of the fourth person singular          in which nobody speaks          and which yet exists          with a long head and a foolscap face          and the long mad hair of death          of which nobody speaks      And he speaks of himself and he speaks of the dead..."                                               Lawrence Ferlinghetti "HE"       Every night since I was seven years old he's swooped down at me out of the darkness of sleep: a pale, skeletal boy with thin arms thrust out like wings, eyes like white domes in black craters, mouth open as he screams acceleration.       His name is Wren.         *       *       *             It's been over 30 years and the images haven't even begun to fade. Maybe writing it down will help exorcise my ghosts.         *       *       *