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A few times in my life, I’ve taken big risks and the results were both world-changing and emotion charged. After the fact, I have never regretted having taken those risks.
But as I get older, I find the notion of change and the spectre of dealing with intense emotion more frightening.
Over the past 5 years with my day job, I have run into numerous roadblocks where the at least one of the options for getting past them (usually the most exciting option) involved taking significant risk. I have backed away from those – and in almost every case, the result was a perpetuation of the status quo – but with a bit less pizzazz and enthusiasm. Looking back, I have regretted my lack of courage in every one of those instances.
I ask myself why am I so risk averse now? Middle age is the perfect time to walk the tightrope across the falls. My life expectancy is relatively short - and with the diminishing relevance that inevitably accompanies old age – my life expectancy as a contributing member of…

Earth Magic

"Earth Magic" was completed at the Rice Lake gallery 2012 sculpting workshop. It stands about 14 inches and weighs approx 30 pounds. It's made of Zimbabwean serpentine - at the harder end of the hardness scale and feels more like a gigantic piece of jewellery in some ways than it does like a sculpture.
It bears considerable resemblance, in feel at least, to some of my more representational pieces like "Sorcerer" - which is made of Brazilian soapstone.