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Novel Writing Process Can Have a Steep Learning Curve

Novel Writing Process All my published work is either short fiction or non-fiction. I had no idea there would be such a learning curve in getting my first novel ready for publication. But it has been a steep one! Illustration by DLSproule I've spent much of the past eight months feeling secretly embarrassed that I went to all the bother of rounding up a whole group of great beta readers, telling them that my novel, Avenging Glory , would be ready to send them by March, 2018 – May, at the absolute latest. Now, here we are, just before Christmas, and I'm still not quite ready to send it. It won't even happen in the same year! A bad case of premature anticipation. Sometimes, I wonder if I do it to myself deliberately. Sometimes, I'm almost certain that I do. I willingly sacrifice my integrity to the gods of productivity. Sometimes I set myself unreasonable deadlines, as incentive to work hard to reach a goal. If I make no promises, then there are no