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Peering Into the Social Black Hole

  I feel like I'm in a sort of a social black hole these days. Most of the people I correspond with don't correspond back. And I have developed this strange power to shut down lively conversations with just one post on a forum or open thread.  I get more and more garrulous as most of my friends go quiet, and it feels like I'm talking to myself in the dark. Laughing nervously.  Maybe it is me, but it's more likely just the times we're living in and the weird psychological space that everyone is in right now. On top of the usual personal and family problems...I feel like all of society is quivering and vulnerable...although I suppose it's always been this way - the heroes go charging around with swords while the masses huddle.  My part time job as a condo concierge gives me a birds-eye view of a large group of modern successful urban 20 and 30 somethings and it's sort of scary. It's pretty much a Bay Street condo but it's also close to the universit