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Getting Everything Done May Require Folding of Time

Striking a Balance between Writing and Real-Life If you are one of the people who reacts to my sub-head with, "But writing IS my real-life" - then this post is particularly relevant to you. Like many writers, I am a blogger. And like many bloggers, the frequency of my blogging is dependent on how far my head is up my own ass. All I mean by that is; when I am working on a novel or short story and am focused well enough to do it justice, I need to effectively disengage with other aspects of my life. Do that too much and I start to lose sight of where my priorities should be. Finding a sustainable work/life balance is something most writers wrestle with a some point. Making the wrong choices can cost you your writing career, relationships, other ambitions and/or career aspirations. But it may be required to accomplish what needs to be accomplished to give yourself a chance to succeed.  It has taken me most of my longish life to learn to bridge quantum dimensions a