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Head of the Council

One of half a dozen hooded figures I have sculpted.  It's carved from red wonderstone and I got lucky with the colours.

Wild Spirits

Operating on the theory that I will someday figure out how to display all my artwork in an easy-to-view appealing way, I am posting a pic of my sculpture Wild Spirits, which at over 50 kg is the largest sculpture I have done to date. It is made of African Cobalt - and the colours are different on each side, which is why the title is pluralized. There are two very distinct spirits in this piece - sharing the same profile.

Dark Woods Woman

I realize I should see what I can do about illustrating my fiction, so I have an excuse to post art and fiction at the same time. In the meantime, I'll just stick with my current formula of posting random works of art. This time, a photoshop piece that I find too challenging to tackle as a painting. My paintings are generally simplifications of the photoshop "studies" - but I'm not convinced that a simplified Dark Woods Woman would be as appealing as this one. It's the details and the subtleties that make this work for me.

The Garden

This was the back cover of TransVersions 5. I'm very pleased with how something this pretty can be so creepy at the same time. The same sort of dichotomy I try to explore in my fiction.

The Sorcerer

He has cloven hooves.

Finding new ways to post stories

After pasting the entire text of Fourth Person Singular into the blog and editing it to fit the window, I've been wondering what other methods are available for posting large blocks of text (ie: stories and novels) into the blog. That way, people can read the stories if they want to and can easily avoid them if they just want to read the daily blog or look at pictures! So, I put the story on SCRIBD and will now attempt to link to: Fourth Person Singular   as a separate document.

Rider on the Storm

Sculpture begun in the summer of 2010. Not finished until spring 2011, because it is my first real experiment in texture and it took a very long time. Sculpting is so good for teaching patience...

Coming Out of My Shell

Carved at the ZimArt workshop - at the beginning of July 2011. Finished at home in August. It weighs about 75 pounds and is carved from African Serpentine. The stone actually contains fossils, which adds to the ancient feel of the sculpture.