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A Novel is a Shapeshifter

  A novel is a shapeshifter – it can be anything. A ravening monster or a demure and innocent child. A brassy concubine or a devoted spouse. A bomb A hedgerow that perfectly conceals the Body of the dead school-teacher, An alien A lover A novel is a shapeshifter. Start shaping. 10 am Feb 23, 2021

Learning to Write by Sculpting - Getting Down To Details

  Life After ADD The problem with proverbs is that they become trite through sheer repetition.  I probably heard the phrase “God is in the details” a dozen times before I really thought about what it means. “The Devil is in the details” is more cautionary and probably does a better job of getting to the point, ie: the details can fuck you up. Lack of attention to detail can condemn your work – your entire oeuvre – to the Devil’s eternal slushpile. I was born before Attention Deficit Disorder was coined, but over the years, I have figured out why the word ‘disorder’ is contained in the description. I used to feel proud that I couldn’t read any given book or see a movie more than once. I convinced myself that my low boredom threshold was a good thing. It kept me looking for the new and unique. My “Imagination above all things” philosophy is almost certainly what drove me to read and write science fiction. The prevalence of ghosts and vampires and werewolves in horror is almost certainl