The Avenging Glory Name Game


I’ve been talking a lot lately about the influence of popular culture (especially music) on the Avenging Glory diptych. For two thirds of the diptych, the title character, Glory,  is only able to speak in song (and advertising slogans). This is explained here.

I wanted to use popular songs as the source for her dialogue, but the need to avoid copyright infringement resulted in my having to rewrite all the lyrics. I did my best to make sure those lyrics were reminiscent enough about the songs that inspired them that readers would be able to identify them.

In a few cases, it should be easy. But mostly, it will be hard, but FUN – at least for anybody with a musical trivia bent who is tired of Sudoku and Crossword puzzles. Sort of musical acrostics – but without the strict conventions and the hidden quote at the end.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I came up with a promo idea…a sort of singing review of my book. It’s a rave review (of course!) The first person to tell me what song this musical review is based on will receive a prize – a signed book or artifact from my collection (I may give you a selection of items to choose from – reach out to me at

So here’s the lyric. If anyone wants to sing it on You Tube, please feel free – just make sure to send me the link!

It’s The Human Template

Come to The Human Template

Into this book be drawn

Into this world you’ll grow


There’s a big tree with a brain

Of a young man named Raine

He’s the Human Template

He’s the Champion of the Grid


He devotes himself

To stop the operator

‘fore she enslaves the trees
That’s why you should read


(Read the Human Template

Visit the Human Template)

To find out if she wins
Cause if the Operator wins

The arboreal world could die

at the whim of humankind

On the trees the world depends
They will inherit it from men

Gotta love mankind,

but we’ve run out of time


(fade from here to end)

We’ve gotta trust the trees,

oh yeah, we’ve gotta trust the trees…

Can’t let the Operator play, we’ve just gotta step away

Yeah we should step away…


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