When Nonsense Rules

If William Butler Yeats and Lewis Carroll had a baby (the question of whose uterus they would employ remains an open poetic question), it might open its eyes and read aloud from;

When Nonsense Rules

Ululating out at me 

from the branches of a tree

a loon’s voice screamed

in fractured cries

Something here is not quite right


I peer through darkened canopy

For water birds, I cannot see

Forsaken now

by lake and sea

And stranded on a blood dimmed tide


Whales drift like clouds through clotted air

While slithering down the thoroughfare

Songbirds writhe on filthy wings

And from the hedge a wart hog sings

Nothing here is as it ought

With nightmares, our paradise is fraught


Cars and trucks dance down the street

With ominous and warlike beats

Fenders clashing on concrete

Wheels spinning skeins of lies.

And the blood dimmed tide does rise.


All the world is on its head.

All our politics are dead

The populace has lost its voice

We just sing lyrics in our heads


A chorus line of rough beasts shifts

In a can-can-can’t with slow limb lifts

While sense and language lose their power

Through this dense, long-scheduled hour

And there’s nothing left to do

– but dance.


To the tremulous shriek

of the stranded loon

Playing out its melancholy tune

Let’s gyre and gimble cross the boulevard

to join the mome raths at play.

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Top of page art: "Flying Whales" from the Reddit topic of the same name. 
Art by Cory Nesci https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DylRy


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