Poems; a Strategic Rationale

When fiction defines you, but stories refuse to gel –

plots sit leaden, deaf and numb;

characters drift aimless, without goals;

sentences stumble, half-formed and forlorn toward the trash.

When interruptions rattle like machine guns from surrounding trenches

drawing your gaze, tautening nerves;

muddying thoughts, pummeling your muse.

When demands come barking, bulletins whistling through the air

you dive for cover, behind telephones and monitors

whiteboards and income statements –

lest your senses are left splattered on the wall.

Distractions, distractions, provoking your reactions.

The enemy is in the walls, the foundations.

Unclear orders squawk through tinny speakers.

Victims lie screaming at your feet!

Instead of raging, hysterical and distraught.

Try moving softly into shadows

Drawing colours down,

allowing words to lose themselves in play

mind-dancing through minefields,

cavorting through ordered ranks

their trails of mischief fluttering like bright banners in the sky.

Poems to commemorate the freeing of your soul.

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