A Good Non-Fiction Read

Tachyon Press just released Peter Watts is an Angry Sentient Tumor. 
It’s a collection of non-fiction pieces; primarily posts from his always fascinating and entertaining “No Moods, Ads, or Cutesy Fucking Icons” blog or “The Crawl,” as he sometimes calls it. Gives me hope that people are still reading blogs at all – although hardly any of us are as outrageous as Mr. Watts. 

If you’re an occasional follower of this blog who is unfamiliar with Watts' colorful and outspoken opinions – the best way to catch up is by picking up a copy of this book – and then joining his legion of followers directly at
The other best ways to enjoy Peter’s company are
a)      booking him for a speaking engagement
b)      inviting him for dinner; he is a closet hedonist, so, depending on the menu, he just might accept (in which case you are strongly advised to also invite his wife Caitlin so that you’re assured someone is at least holding his leash)

Peter Watts is the most engaging provocateur in SF since Harlan Ellison; and for such an unabashed animal, he has an amazingly perceptive and rigorous mind.
Angry Sentient Tumor will make you think – possibly about all sorts of things you’ve never thought about before. Or it will give you new insights into things you have thought about before. Sometimes it will make you laugh or gross you out, but it will seldom bore you.


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