Please Share Your Wisdom - All You Obi-Wans of the Keyboard

So, here's the thing - despite my nearly 50K page views, I have a decided lack of followers, so I figured, "Why not put that out there and ask people for help and advice. How do I convert viewers to followers?

And how do I get comments? Do I need more pictures? Please feel free to share your tips or thumb or nose at me in print. It's all part of the eternal quest for answers.

a) Do I give away books?

b) Give away friends books?

c) Give away rare books?

d) Publish excerpts from work in progress?

e) Avoid publishing excepts from work in progress?

f) Give away popcorn?

g) Get my friends to post salacious photos?

h) Just write something interesting, for crying out loud!

Reading is Sexy Photo from Do-Ming Lum at Tiger Mountain  Creative Services. Model: Ash


  1. Maybe this is the secret. Get 20 different Google accounts and make all the comments myself! Sad if this turns out to be the most helpful (or only) comment here.

  2. I am happy to provide you with as many salacious photos as you want :-) subject of course to the availability of models and their consent to create same. #ReadingIsSexy

  3. Thanks Do-Ming! They're great on Twitter. But you seriously need to get me a beefcake one too!
    Equal opportunity viewing and all that.
    And that's one that I can't model for - did I ever tell you that the meat puppet on the cover of my book is a photo-shopped picture of me?
    But you sure did gussy me up nice for the bio photo I'm now using on twitter and will be using in my books for the forseeable future. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome! Author photos are one of the things we love to do

  4. Beefcake and popcorn please! Just send my way and I'll enlist my girlfriends. Otherwise, posting excerpts from works in progress, or some of your many terrific/creepy/sexy/thoughtful/weird stories that have been published would be fun. Also - just basically philosophy of life and writing is always interesting to read, for me at least!


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