Something Tangible

Received the POD copies of Psychedelia Gothique last night - or at least the pre-copy edited prototype. However seminal and unfinished and self-published it may be, it still felt great to hold the book in my hands.
I know how good it is.

Now I just have to get the rest of the world to check it out and my job here will be done - at least until the next book.
It's sitting on the dining room table with some books by some friends that were published by small presses. Several of those have terrible covers (one or two have brilliant covers as well). I feel that I have avoided that crapshoot. Some people may think my cover horrible as well - but at least I like it!!
And  there are certainly worse things than being true to yourself.
But now I have to sell that vision to the rest of the world, and it ain't exactly mainstream.
Ah, well...nothing ventured...


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