Psychedelia Gothique

My plans for self-publishing my short story collection, Psychedelia Gothique are moving ahead at a pretty good clip. There are still a few things to be determined. Two of the stories I plan to include have been submitted to some top markets. If they are accepted there, I won't be able to include them in this publication - but that will be fine because they will make money and provide some excellent publicity for the book right when I can use it most. If they are not accepted at those markets, which is likely since I aimed very high, then they will appear as "original stories" in the collection.
The really troublesome stories are the ones I'm rewriting. One was well-published back in 1997, but I have always been dissatisfied with one aspect of it (as were the critics at the time). But in eliminating that flaw, I fear I may have introduced others. I have posted "At Fort Assumption" on Wattpad. If anyone would like to read the new version and give me your feedback before publication - please go there to read and comment. I like the new ending. And it now actually has an inkling of political correctness.  There's one other story that needs to either be rewritten or pulled from the collection and another where I'm reverting to a novella length version after shortening it to within an inch of it's little life.


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