First Sculpture Show

I put six pieces into the 2012 World Fantasy Convention Art Show and was blown away by the response.
I was approached by literally dozens of strangers with lines like, "Are you the artist? I love your work!" Truly a first for me and more validation than I have received in any aspect of my life to date.
Most of the folks who were impressed told me that they loved seeing an old medium (sculpture) in a new light (fantasy). In the world of fantasy fandom, certain tropes and images have done to death. Some fans seem pretty tired of winged cats (now even the mice have wings), unicorns, and cute fairies - at least in mediums like drawing, painting and printmaking.  Certainly, there were many other themes explored by artists at the show - and some of them quite spectacularly. The pen and ink work of Richard Kirk was breathtaking - but a bit too dark and horrific for many con-goers. This was a concern with a large number of works in the show, with characters crouched upon mountains of skulls or peering out from a similarly grim tableau.
There was also Martin Springett's beautiful and familiar artwork - including the original cover art from the Fionavar Tapestry. There were a number of lovely new monochromatic prints from Judith Clute. And my sculptures were blessed by being displayed directly beneath some spectacular and intricate paintings of gods/giants from Howard Fox and an enormous new watercolour by perennial World Fantasy Favourite Charles Vess. They certainly drew people's attention to my end of the gallery.
I was blessed to win a best in show prize - the Chair's Choice ribbon for my new large piece, Coming Out of My Shell

...and to sell a couple of pieces:

 and The Sorcerer:

 I would like to thank everyone who came to the art show, communicated their enthusiasm/support to me and bought or promoted my work - especially the charming and brilliant Judith Clute and con chair Peter Halasz. I hope everyone who just recently discovered my sculpture comes to the website I co-host with my partner and fellow sculptor, Laura Belford. At - you'll not only see my work, but some of Laura's fantastic sculpture:


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