Sculpture Site (with Book Covers)

For years, my Facebook friends could check out my sculptures through my profile. Last year I started posting a few sculptures on this blog, which is nice because it lends an attractive graphic element to these pages in lieu of book covers - those are coming! They just - in the words of Bjork - haven't happened yet.

I do have some book covers I've illustrated (as opposed to covers for my own books) that I could post - in fact, here are a few right now...

But I've gotten away from  the main point of this blog entry - which is to talk about the new sculpture page I've just started with my business associate, Jill Lum and my life-partner, Laura Belford.

It's called Sculptor's Touch and I think there's a need for it - since there are very few sites where sculptors and hobbyists can get together to talk about the tricks of the trade, tell each other where to find the best tools, recommend different tools, techniques, workshops, shows - and display their work in an attractive forum. The site is still very much in its infancy - and I hope and expect that it will grow in leaps and bounds over the next few years. For me, it's a way to separate my writing, my sculpture and my illustration and dedicate some real resources to one of my passions - and the passion I share with my partner.


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